Orana Nights - Joker Poker

Joker Poker every Tuesday and Friday between 6pm and 7pm at The Orana Hotel. Entries taken from 5pm.


Every time you purchase something at the venue you will receive a Lucky Draw Ticket from one of our staff members. 


Write your name on the ticket and place it in the Joker Poker Drum at the end of the bar. Entries taken from 5pm on every Tuesday and Friday. 


If your name is called out on one of the five lucky draws you will be given the chance to find the Joker by picking one of the 53 Cards in the Joker Poker cabinet positioned opposite the Main Bar. Draws start at 6pm and continue every 15 mins till 7pm or until the Joker is found, whichever happens first.


The Joker Poker Jackpot increases by $25 every time the joker is not found. 

You must be present in the hotel when your name is called in order to be eligible to win. 
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