NYE viAgro - 31st of December

After a decade plus of constant performing, the one and only viAgro are still up for the usual post gig question, “How the f**k do you do that?” ⁣

“We still get asked that every night, along with the various viAgro jokes and numerous theories and opinions on why we haven’t got a drummer” says co-founder Palzy Daivah.⁣

viAgro are a duo of brothers that divide a drum kit between its two members whilst singing and playing guitars at the same time. Which results in a full sounding rock band show cleverly pulled off by only 2 people. ⁣

With a heavily revamped repertoire of classic songs spanning over 6 decades of rock & tunes from their debut EP ‘Sucker for a licker’, you get a very entertaining, unique and highly energetic show. ⁣

Following up from their ‘Sucker for a licker’ EP viAgro released their first single ‘Use your imagination’ off their forthcoming debut album in 2018.⁣

“A lot of bands lay claim to being different but over our 10 year existence we’ve yet to come across or even hear of another band that does what, looks or sounds like we do.” continues Palzy.⁣

Within the 1500 + shows performed, viAgro have also supported The Screaming Jets, Chocolate Starfish and toured with The Angels on their 2004 40th Anniversary tour. ⁣

viAgro are:⁣
- Palzy Daivah (vocals, bass and cymbals)⁣
- Adam Daivah (vocals, guitar, kick and snare drums)⁣
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