Nineties AF - 12th of October

The 90’s; a decade mired in eclectic musical trends as diverse as the bubblegum pop of the Spice Girls to the ground-breaking work of Dr. Dre in his gangsta rap defining album “The Chronic” and the generation-defining emergence of grunge, toppling the glam metal giant of the 80’s. 20 years later, the test of time has shown the visceral heart of these movements to still resonate and speak to the masses as crowds join in echoing lyrics of Good Riddance (Time of Your Life) and Enter Sandman.⁣

Nineties AF pays homage to the hits and attitudes of these 90’s rock icons in an all new tribute band perfect for all settings. Lead by Newcastle’s own Adam & Paul Diver of the acclaimed viAgro act and Nirvana Tribute band Come As You Are, the group is rounded-out by seasoned professionals from Newcastle’s live music scene from acts such as Mardmax, Hell Rad, The Party & Wesley’s Edge. ⁣

A performance like no other from a 6-piece ensemble featuring 3 guitars, bass, drums, male and female vocals and extensive use of additional percussion and period-specific technology.⁣

Nineties AF is a tribute band by musicians for audiences who demand high quality performances over lookalikes and gimmicks. Experience the original power of all your favourite hits, delivered through thunderous sound systems and lighting displays rife with energy.

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