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Takeaway Menu Available

How To Order. - Customers please call 4032 7930 and place your order. - You will be given an order number. - Payment ...

Specials - Burger Mondays

Get your Classic Burger fix every Monday.Dishes may vary than what is listed below. CLASSIC (Available for discount ...

Specials - Rump and Cluck Night

Every Tuesday night is Rump and Cluck Night at The Orana Hotel. RUMP STEAK OR GRILLED CHICKEN.Add- Mash and veg- Gra...

Specials - Pasta Lovers

Your choice of over 10 Pastas every Wednesday. Dishes may vary than what is listed below.PENNE NAPOLITANA Tomato, gar...

Specials - Schnitzelmania

Take your pick from our selection of delicious schnitzel's. Available selections may vary from list below. RUMP STEA...
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